If your organisation is using Papertrail, you should receive an email invitation from one of the account admins. You may also receive a link shared directly from an account admin to accept invitation to Papertrail.

Please note - if you are waiting for an email invitation that hasn't arrived yet, it's worth checking your spam or junk filters.

Accepting an invitation to your first Papertrail account

Step by Step

When you receive the email invite, click on the link to Accept Invitation.

You will now be asked to enter your name, create a password, tick to say that you have read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and click on Register to accept the invite and access the account.

You will now find yourself at your Accounts home page.

Finally, you can click on the account name to access your personalised dashboard.

Bookmarking this webpage will help you navigate easily to it in the future.

Accepting an invitation to another account

If you already have access to one Papertrail account and need to accept an invite to another account, it follows the same process.

You will receive an email invitation for the new account. Click on the Accept Invitation button to follow the link.

Because your email address is already registered with Papertrail, this link will take you to the Invitations page where you will need to add your password before clicking on LOG IN to complete the process. The multiple accounts you have been invited to will now be listed on your Accounts page.

Please note- If you are unable to see the correct account/s you may need to ask an admin user to invite you to the correct account. If you're not sure who the admins are, please contact us.

Accepting an invitation with Microsoft Single Sign-On

You will receive an invitation email as above and click on the Accept Invitation button to follow the link.

You will be taken to the sign up page and will need to provide your first and last name, no password is required as you are signing up with your Microsoft credentials so simply just click Sign in with Microsoft.

Once completed, you will then be asked to log in again. This extra step is required due to the way invitations are created and handled in Papertrail.

You will simply need to click Sign in with Microsoft and will be taken out of the app to a Microsoft sign in screen (if you are already logged in on your browser to your Microsoft account you will just be redirected straight to your Papertrail homepage).

For more information on Single Sign-On and its benefits please visit here:

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