There are 4 types of user profile on a Papertrail account:

  1. View records and folders only
  2. Add records, folders and inspections
  3. Edit records, folders and inspections
  4. Administrator

Each of these profiles are designated to a user when their invite to the account is initially sent out

Profile options 1 - 3 allow each user to also be given limited permission to carry out certain actions, plus access to all or specific folders only. An administrator automatically receives edit permissions along with access to all folders as well as four other distinct privileges.

If you are an administrator you will see a grey cog in the bottom left hand corner of your dashboard.

Click on the cog and you will be able to access the following administrator privileges available to you:

1. General account settings and the ability to edit:

a. Company address
b. Your time zone
c. Your company logo

2. Team settings - that allow you to:

a. Invite new users to your account with the privileges and permissions you need them to have
b. Suspend users (removes all access but does not affect any work they have carried out

Click here to view the help desk article on inviting users.

3. Full account export – This option allows you to create a csv or pdf export of ALL records, folders, inspection logs and images that you have created o your account.  This is an additional method for you to create a back up of your account at any time, especially if you have decided to stop using Papertrail.

4. Deactivate account – This option allows you to deactivate an account that you may have created and no longer require.  The importance of this is that it will ‘free up’ the records that were being used on an account for use on others.

The role of an administrator is vital in not only creating an account but also keeping it fit for purpose through good, timely 'housekeeping'.  If you are an administrator and would like to know more about doing this contact us on and we will help you out.

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