For items which have a shelf life (for example equipment), you can add a retirement date in Papertrail.

Storing records of retired equipment in Papertrail allows you to evidence the fact that retired equipment is no longer in use. You can access a list of all records which have been retired at any time by clicking on the "Retired" tab from your Papertrail dashboard.

You can also see a list of items that are due to be retired within the next six months by clicking on the "Retire" tab, which is useful for planning ahead when it comes to purchasing new equipment.

Retired records do not count towards your total records limit within your Papertrail account.

How to set a retirement date for a record in your Papertrail account

You can specify the retirement date of a piece of equipment when adding the record to Papertrail. You can also edit an existing record to add the retirement date.

When entering a date into a Papertrail record you must ensure you use the ISO format of YYYY-MM-DD.

Date setting in Papertrail is relatively simple but it can be a little daunting when you are trying to choose a date 5 plush years in the future. To help you do this there is a shortcut that can help you.

When you are about to set the date, click on the 'Month' to see all the months of the year displayed

Select the month you want to use, then click on the 'Year' to display a list of years in groups of 20 years

You can now select a year for retirement as far in the future as you need. Don't forget that if you want to set the date for multiple items with ease too, if in doubt, follow this link to a great article that will help you.

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