You may be required to produce a thorough 6-monthly report that shows the information required by Schedule 1 of LOLER 98. To be able to do this, you need to carry out the following actions immediately after the thorough inspection has been completed (or at least prior to the next scheduled inspection).


Navigate to the folder that contains the equipment you have just completed a thorough inspection on and need to show in your report.

Once you have confirmed that the information is correct, select the drop down arrow adjacent to the folder name and select 'Print/Export'

Next, select the 'CERTIFICATE EXPORT' option:

Followed by 'OPEN' to bring up the editable information box. The inspector needs to input the data required to complete the report/certificate:

Once you are happy that all the data is correct, select 'GENERATE CERTIFICATE' to view the full report in a PDF format:

You can now both print a copy of your report and importantly, save a copy of the report so that it can then be retained within Papertrail or on your own company filing system. This will then ensure that you can reproduce your LOLER report upon request at any time in the next 6-months to show compliance with LOLER 98.

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