There may be occasions when a member of staff retires an item in error or the item could have been repaired. If this is the case, don't worry as you can now (if you have 'edit' permissions) delete the last 'INSPECTION LOG' and return the item to its original folder.  NB This can only be done to one record at a time, a bulk 'revert' is not available.


From your dashboard select the 'ARCHIVED' filter and navigate to the folder and record that you want to retrieve:

Once you have found the record, open the up the 'RECORD' so you can see the 'LOG' dialogue box. In the 'LOG' box you can see the information about the last inspection that archived the item.

You can also see the small i (information) icon, click on this and the 'ACTIVITY DETAILS' box appears. Confirm this is the record you wish to retrieve and select the 'REVERT' icon. Once you have completed this, the inspection details from this inspection will be 'crossed out', not erased from the record history.

Select 'CLOSE' and you will be returned to the record.

Note that the log now states 'Deactivated last inspection'

You can now click anywhere off the record to close it and the item will be removed from the 'ARCHIVE' filter and reinserted into its original folder:

Navigate away from the 'ARCHIVE' filter via the dashboard and select the folder where the item will be waiting for you to continue working with. The inspection is saved, the record will be hidden from view, and will no longer be flagged for inspection in future.

Remember, the record will now display the last 'STATE', in this case the item was placed in 'QUARANTINE' before being 'ARCHIVED'. You will now need to carry out the repair and re-inspect it to give it a new state such as 'CHECKED - OK' or 'MONITOR'.

Once completed, the item becomes part of your system once more.

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