If you are adding retrofit RFID tags/dots/rope labels to your equipment it is really easy for you to scan the RFID number directly into your record on the mobile app - but remember, you must be online to save the information.

Watch this short video to see how it is done:

If you are unable to view the video, read on..............

Before you start working with your bluetooth RFID reader you must ensure your account is fully logged in to and a full sync has been carried out.  REMEMBER - Once your bluetooth RFID reader is connected to your mobile device it acts as a 'keyboard wedge' and you will be unable to add your username or password at the log in page.

All ready?  Connect the RFID reader to your mobile device via the bluetooth setting page before going back to your account previously opened on the app.

and navigate to the folder where the items are that you want to add a retrofit RFID tag to:

Tap on the icon and open it fully:

before selecting the drop down arrow opposite 'View more details', that gives you the editable field selection available to you:

We require the 'RFID' option:

that then gives us a dialogue box for us to scan the RFID tag/dot/rope label directly into.  Once scanned, you are taken straight back to the record information that will display the scanned RFID number:

Select the 'back' arrow to access the main record details and you will be able to to see the 'activity' you have just carried out:

You can now add more RFID tags/dots/rope labels as required.

Adding RFID technology to your account couldn't be easier with potentially massive increases to your efficiency and compliance ratios.  If you are interested in finding out a little more about how this awesome technology turns helps you to turn your account into a 'smart' account please give us a call on 01248 719277 or via support@papertrail.io 

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