In the past even if you had the correct permissions, you could only edit record fields in our web app.  This has now been resolved and field editing of a single record is available on our mobile app - but you must be online to carry out the edit.

Watch this short video to see how it is done:

If you are unable to view the video, read on..............

It is possible that whilst you are carrying out inspections you notice that a serial number for one of the items is incorrect.  In this example I am using a harness:

Once you have navigated to the item you need to open it fully so you can access the fields, to do this select 'View more details':

You can now select the field you need to edit, in this example it is the serial number field:

Once I have selected the field the keyboard will be activated to allow you to edit:

Simply, edit the field and select save to complete the task.  As the app is on-line it will sync fully immediately making the new information available to all users.

This great new functionality empowers users with the required permissions to edit fields on a mobile device, ensuring errors are amended immediately, saving time and importantly the potential for incorrect data to go uncorrected.

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