The notification and summary emails you receive from your Papertrail account are an essential way of you keeping up to date and informed on what is happening within your account.

We also appreciate that for some users the 'deluge' of information on 'due' and 'overdue' inspections, as well as the constant changes to the status of your equipment may be too much.  To help you with this we have made sure that there are ways of 'switching off' or 'unsubscribing from these notices.  Carrying out this action is really easy, simply watch this short video and follow the actions through.

If you are unable to view the video, read on:

When you log in to your account click on your 'avatar' in the top right hand corner and select 'Profile':

Next, select the 'email' icon on the left hand side to enter the 'Notifications' page:

Next, Select the account name 

You can now select 'DISABLE' to stop one or all or all of the email notices that Papertrail sends to you (please note that if your account doesn't have our Task Manager functionality activated you won't see the option to disable it): 

If you later realise that you want to resume being notified again you simply carry out the same action and select the option you want by clicking on:

Another really simple way of doing this is by selecting this option at the bottom of any email you receive:

This will have the same effect when stopping the notice and you must carry out the 'RE-ENABLE' option to restart them.

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