Once you've decided how you want to structure your records in your Papertrail account (take a look at our record management system article if you need inspiration), create the folders and sub-folders you need to contain the records.


Step by Step

Go to your folder view by either selecting View all folders & records from the account dashboard, or by clicking the folder icon in the left hand bar menu and clicking into a specific folder.

If you want to create a new top-level folder, simply select the blue New folder button in the top left corner of the screen.

A new window will appear, where you can enter the name and description of the new folder you would like to create. The description is optional but can be useful to remind what the folder should be used for.

At this stage you can also specify the MEMBERS WITH ACCESS if you have more than one user on the account. Tick the boxes to allow users access to the folder.

Don't forget to press Create Folder once complete.

If you want to add a sub-folder within an existing folder, first select the parent folder that you want it to sit under. Once there, click on New folder again.

This will bring up a similar window to add the sub-folder name, description and set user access. You can click on CHANGE TO TOP-LEVEL if you decide you need this folder as a top-level folder.

To delete, edit or move around the folders in your account, please refer to the other help articles below or in the Folders help section.

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