If the times and dates showing up in the record history aren't what you expect, or if you are seeing a different time to another user, this may be because your account and profile timezone settings do not match.

Account settings

The default setting for Papertrail accounts is the UK and timezone (GMT+00:00) London. If your company is based in a different country or timezone, you need to change this in account settings. You need to be an administrator user to do this. 

Click on the white Settings cog and select General Account Settings.

On this page you can change the country and timezone of the account, underneath the address details. Don't forget to click Save afterwards.

Profile settings

Your personal profile settings also default to UK and (GMT+00:00) London. Anyone can update their profile settings. This will only change the times and dates that you see, not other users on the account.

Click on your initials or avatar circle in the top right hand corner and select the first option of Profile from the menu underneath.

This will display your personal details including name and contact details. Click on Country and Timezone to pick new ones from the list.

You can also edit the format of how you see the dates and times appear in Papertrail from the boxes underneath.

Click Save profile to save the changes.

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