A thumbnail image or photo of an item will make identifying a record far easier, especially when you have many similar records in your account.

Records that have been directly imported from the PPE Directory will have a photo uploaded to them already!

How to add a thumbnail photo to your records

First, follow the steps to add a file to a record to upload the image you want to Papertrail.

If this is the first image that has been uploaded to a record, it will automatically have a small grey star icon in its top left corner, which means this image will be the one on display next to the record name.

You can upload more than one photo using the '+' icon. If you want to select one of the other images for the record, you can click on the grey star icon to make it disappear from one photo and click on the outline star icon in the new photo.

Close the record dialogue box and you will return to the folder view. You can now see the thumbnail applied against the record selected.

If necessary, you can now carry out the same action for more than one record at once.

Remember to have the 'Image' field ticked in the display view menu in the top right corner of the screen, underneath the search bar, otherwise the thumbnail image won't appear next to the record.

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