**COVID-19 update - if you are experiencing difficulties due to the current coronavirus situation, please get in touch with us in the first instance at support@papertrail.io to talk about your situation**

We're sorry to hear that you thinking of stopping using Papertrail. We'd really like to know - is there anything that Papertrail could have done differently? 

Papertrail are happy to provide online training or help with analysing changing requirements and adapting how you use the system. We're constantly updating the software and there may be new features available that would solve the problems that you are experiencing.

Please get in touch with us using the contact details below. If after speaking to us you're sure you want to stop using Papertrail, we can cancel the subscription.

In accordance with our Terms and Conditions we require at least 60 days notice before the end of a renewal period. We will set your subscription to terminate accordingly and any outstanding pro-rated charges will be invoiced.

Should you change your mind at any time we will be happy to reactivate your subscription. We normally retain data for a short period in case our clients change their mind so it will be as simple as switching things back on and updating any outstanding inspections. We recommend carrying out a full account data export before the subscription ends in case you wish to restart with Papertrail or another inspection management system.

Do let us know if there is anything you need our assistance with!

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