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How to bulk add identifiers to your assets
How to bulk add identifiers to your assets

Add identifiers to multiple assets quickly in Papertrail

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Recording your assets including identifier information into an asset management system can seem like a long, laborious task but not with Papertrail!

Once you have added or created records inside Papertrail simply select the record(s) that you would like to add identifier information to and a click on the ▼ drop down arrow next to Add X inspections and then click Identifiers.

A modal will appear where you can manually populate the Identifier, Serial, Barcode and RFID fields for the selected records.

Copy and paste identifiers from a spreadsheet

Additionally you can copy and paste these values from a spreadsheet to make this process easier. Simply highlight the fields inside your spreadsheet and copy them to the clipboard.

(For Windows users Ctrl + C for shortcut and for Mac users Command + C)

Once you have copied the fields simply paste the date into the modal inside Papertrail by clicking into the first field you would like to start from and paste.

(For Windows users Ctrl + V for shortcut and for Mac users Command + V)

Once you have added all the information don't forget to click Save and the selected records will be updated.

Follow-on actions

After the bulk identifiers have been saved, a confirmation dialogue will be displayed.

This confirms the identifiers have been saved and allows the user to carry out a follow-on action, such as creating a report, editing or cloning a record.

Click Close if no further actions are needed.

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