A brilliant feature of Papertrail is the ability to add photos or files to your record. A thumbnail photo of the item will make identifying the item far easier, especially when you have many similar items in your account. Please note that any image or file that relates to an inspection of an item should be uploaded via the inspection log or note function.

How to add a thumbnail photo to your records

First, find an image of the item that is suitable, this may be a downloaded image from the manufacturers website or one of your own. Wherever you get the image or file from you need to ensure it is stored in either your default photo/documents folder or one you can identify easily.

Once you have the image you need, navigate your account until you reach the correct folder. In this example we will use our Staff PPE - Helmets;

Open the record that you want to add the image/file to and select the 'SHOW ALL FIELDS' option, this will open the 'UPLOADS' field that you now need:

Select the '+' icon and you will be taken to your default location for photo's/files. You can now select the image/file you want to be displayed. In the screenshot I have selected an stock image of a Petzl Elios helmet

Once you have selected 'OPEN' you will be returned to the 'UPLOADS' view where you will see the image to be used as a thumbnail for the record. You now need to select the small 'star' icon in the top left corner of the image, this will select the image for use.

If you want to select another image for the record you can do so by selecting the '+' and carrying out the same actions. Once you have another image in place you need to ensure you select the one you need as your thumbnail by selecting the relevant image/file 'star' (see screenshot).

Close the record dialogue box and you will return to the folder view. You can now see the thumbnail applied against the record selected.

If necessary, you can now carry out the same action for all other records in that folder.

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