Recording an inspection of an item in your Papertrail account is designed to be very quick and easy. Many Papertrail users have reported time savings of 50% compared to paper-based record keeping systems and spreadsheets they used previously.

Chances are that if you are completing inspections you're going to be out and about whilst at work and using a mobile device instead of a desktop computer.

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Step by Step

Navigate to the record that you want to inspect via the folder menu or the search bar. You can also bring up all the records that need inspecting by clicking on the Inspections Due (amber) or Inspections Overdue (red) filter options in the dashboard.

There are two ways of adding an inspection. One way is to select the record using the round button on the left hand side of the record.

Then click Add Inspection at the base of the page.

The other way is to click into the record itself. Then click on the + in the top right corner and choose Add Inspection from the menu.

Now you are in the inspection log window, you can fill in the details of the inspection.

Change the state of the item by tapping on the current state to access a drop-down list.

If you're looking to inspect the item using a checklist, click here for details.

Change the quantity of the item if applicable

The next inspection date will be calculated automatically based on the inspection frequency of the record. You can change this date manually by clicking on Automatic and selecting a date from the calendar view or typing in a date.

Add any relevant comments you have in the comment box. If you have left a comment on the previous inspection for that record you can access this by clicking View last comments and choose to Use last comments.

The ability to add images or documents is very useful for evidencing the current state of an item. Click on the grey camera icon to take a photo on your phone or upload one from your library and add the image or file to the inspection log.

Once all the details are complete, select Save to save and close the inspection down.

Remember, if you are off-line you will have to ensure you take the mobile device back into a 3G/4G cellular or wireless internet connection area to allow the information to automatically sync with the web app.

If you want to add information to a record without changing the inspection frequency or status, you can do this by clicking Add note instead.

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