Now that you've thought about how you want to structure your records in Papertrail, it's time to view this short video that will help you get started and set-up your folders.

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Adding folders to your Papertrail account is really quick and easy to do. As always though, the key is preparation. Before you get started with adding folders, it's a good idea to think about what records you need to keep and how to structure your account. If you haven't read our "Before you Get Started" article yet, take a couple of minutes to read it. Then come back here when you are ready.

How to set up folders in your Papertrail account

1. Log-in to your Papertrail account and select 'VIEW ALL FOLDERS & RECORDS':

2. If you want to create a new top level folder simply select the 'NEW FOLDER' option:

3. Enter the name and description of the new folder you would like to create (for example "Fortnightly Inspections")

4. Enter a description (this is optional, but can be useful to remind team members what each folder should be used for)

5. Hit Save

You can then repeat the process for all the top-level folders you want to create. The easiest way to do this is by referring back to the Mind Map you created before getting started with your Papertrail account.

How to add subfolders

Once you have added all your top level folders, it's time to go and add your subfolders. These are the folders that sit within your top level folders. For example within "Fortnightly Inspections", you might need to have sub-folder for "Client PPE" or many others.

6. To add a subfolder, select the 'parent' folder you want to add your new sub-folder to. Once there, click on "NEW FOLDER" again:

This will bring up a new dialogue box for you to add a sub-folder name and description. Once you have completed this and hit Save. If you change your mind whilst carrying this action out you can use the "CHANGE TO TOP-LEVEL" option to do this.

7. If you have require more sub-folders simply repeat the process until you have created them all or you may even want to add a new folder to "Client PPE' such as "Client Harnesses" etc.

The easiest way to create your folder structure is to have a mind map or plan to refer to.

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