We have designed our mobile app to be simple to use across both iOS and Android platforms whilst both on and off-line.  If you are going off-line it is vital that you always remember to log in and sync your device to ensure you have the most up to date information.

One of the commonest functions Papertrail has is adding an inspection to a record. Have a look at this a short video on how to do this...............

If you can't view the video please read on........... OR click here if you want to see how to add an inspection to multiple records

Navigate to and identify and the record you are inspecting.  To do this you can use the 'Due/Overdue' filters on the dashboard or directly via the folder option.

Once you have carried out the actual inspection, select the record by tapping directly on the 'radio button' (step 1) on the left hand side of the record, followed by 'Add Inspection' (step 2)

Decide if you need to change the 'state' of the item.  If you do, tap on the actual 'state' of the item or the item (step 1).
You can now change the 'Quantity' and 'Next Inspection' date if required.
The 'Comments' box (step 2) allows you to read and use the last observation by tapping on 'View last comments', or you can select 'Add a comment' and type in a new observation.
You can also take a photo and add the image directly to the inspection log too.

Once everything is complete select 'Save' (step 3) to close the inspection down.

Remember, if you are off-line you will have to ensure you take the device back into a 3G/4G cellular or wireless internet connection to allow the device to automatically sync with the web app.

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